About the Germans (5)

Diese Woche in „About the Germans“ ein Special zu „Aufschrei“…

…Forbes schreibt über „Germany’s problem with women“:

Such huge traction for both a deeply feminist issue and one that ties in social technologies (which, as a culture, Germans tend to be hesitant about for privacy reasons) is shocking. Germany’s relationship with feminism is fraught; the mainstream is deeply entrenched in an antiquated caricature of what feminism is, and what gender justice means. 

…The Economist schreibt über „The cloud over Rainer“

Yet to many German women it is precisely the affair’s banality that reminds them of daily harassment, in the office or the gym, on the bus or in bars. It also reveals complacency over sexual politics. Looking west, south and east, Germans gloat that chauvinist pigs such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Silvio Berlusconi or Vladimir Putin would never get ahead in German public life. Farther east, they see Indians protesting against attitudes to rape. Yet in the far west they find Americans killing spontaneity with excessive political correctness. Germany, they thought, had things about right. But now it turns out that they were wrong: the debate was merely overdue.

die New York Times schreibt über „German Politician’s Remark Stirs Outcry Over Sexism“

Women in Germany earn on average 22 percent less than men in equivalent positions, placing them fourth from the bottom among their European counterparts in terms of pay equality and well below countries known for macho cultures, like Italy, Portugal and Romania. They are also underrepresented in top-level management. An effort to require equal representation on boards last year went nowhere.

A mother who spends more time focusing on her job than relatives and nosy neighbors deem appropriate is called “Rabenmutter,” or “raven mother,” an aspersion that sounds as though it came from the era of the Grimm brothers fairy tales but that is still in use today.

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