About the Germans: Obama in Berlin

Das schreibt die amerikanische Presse zum Besuch von Obama in Berlin:

Politico: President Obama’s chance to build on spirit of Berlin Airlift

Berlin is a place for big presidential statements. The famed snippets of Presidents John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton speaking in the German capital are the highlight reel of American foreign policy in the second half of the past century. The power of that legacy remains nearly 25 years after the end of the divisions that made Berlin the central battleground of the Cold War.

So President Barack Obama’s public address at the Brandenburg Gate on Wednesday is a major opportunity — at an opportune moment. In recent months, liberals have become more publicly critical of his administration’s use of drone strikes while conservatives have pushed for intervention in the Syrian conflict. Meanwhile, the public at large has yet to be convinced of a new comprehensive approach to America’s post-war-on-terror national security that rises above ad hoc problem solving and crisis management.